Time to Change the Conversation About Body Image

The fashion world appears to have come to the decision that being healthy is in. However, calls to action against unrealistic depictions of models and celebrities in fashion publications and other media have yielded few results. Publishing a few articles, about the deadliness of eating disorders, will not thwart dangerous is because the crux of the problem lies with flawed mentalities that have spanned generations. The body image discussion needs to be steered toward changing fundamental attitudes. As long as people are identified by the size of their bodies, this issue will never go away.

Currently, it is second nature to casually make a comment about a person’s weight. Terms such as “fat” and “skinny” are thrown around with no regard to what they actually mean. For instance, “Do you know Darcy? No? Dark hair? A bit on the chubby side?” is a perfectly acceptable way to begin a conversation about a woman. This creates divisions among women and places them in competition against one another. Then, as a defense mechanism, they will make snide remarks about others who do not look like them. It is a never-ending toxic cycle that has been going on for decades. Men also have issues with body image but women are 10 times more likely than men to have an eating disorder.

“Big is beautiful” or “Curves are sexy” are some of the popular taglines used in conjunction with initiatives to improve self-image.
But while these campaigns mean well, they are not the solution. They will only lead to a new mentality where skinny women are the enemy. Criticizing thinner women will only cause more strife. Some women will not gain an ounce no matter how much they eat while others cannot lose weight even if they starve themselves. Instead of endorsing a certain body type, such campaigns should promote healthy eating and exercise. The message should be that all body types are beautiful.

Those positive messages would be a start. However, change will only occur if, as stated earlier, comments about body weight are not casually strewn about in conversation. Calling someone a “fat cow” or saying “she needs to eat a hamburger” are phrases that are all too common. This is a form of bullying and should not be done – even in jest. Furthermore, descriptive profanity words should never be tolerated. There is no need to call someone a skinny b—- or a fat a–. Words are powerful and they resonate with people.

The fashion industry has influence over television, movies, magazine, music etc. Therefore, it has the ability to revolutionize the way our society views beauty. Earlier this year, Vogue announced that 19 editors have formed a pact to not work with models “who appear to have an eating disorder”. They will also not feature models under 16 years of age. That is a small step toward the right direction but it is not enough. Other measures need to be made to ensure that change will happen. Fashion designers should stop making sample sizes of prom dresses and other special events smaller because doing so pressures models to become thinner. They need to stop thinking of models as mere hangers for their designs. Fashion magazines should stop airbrushing models and celebrities to make them look doll-like. With increasing technology, this practice has become a regular occurrence even though it is blatantly obvious. Cover stars are sometimes missing a hip or a shoulder because someone was overly eager with the mouse. Maybe magazine editors do not care if the airbrushing is apparent because it is expected. However, these fake images have a negative impact on women. Although many know that the images are false representations of a real woman, the subsequent comparison is instinctual and unavoidable. The American Medical Association said as much when it asked advertisers to curb body enhancing practices because they help cause “mental and eating disorders”.

Women begin comparing themselves to others at a young age. It starts with the dolls they play with at a young age. Typically, dolls have an hourglass figure with a tiny waist and disproportionately large breasts. After that, young girls are continually exposed to the aforementioned false images of women. Meanwhile, their appearances are constantly being judged by their peers. Children need to be taught at a young age that they should not judge or refer to others by their size. There is hope for the future since younger generations are being proactive about this issue. Recently, 14-year-old Julia Bluhm’s online campaign and demonstrations pushed Seventeen magazine to form the Body Peace Treaty. This treaty states that the magazine will never change body shapes or faces and will only feature healthy models. This is just one instance where young people are rising to fight against the unreasonable expectations set forth by society. Whether it be the style of designer dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet, or the unhealthy habits often considered the norm in our culture — it is easy for teens and adolescents to get the wrong idea about body, self-image, and confidence.

Altering the zeitgeist of a society will be a battle. But it is not impossible. Imagine a world where a person’s body size does not enter the conversation. Where women are not trying the latest master cleanse or miracle diet pill to lose weight. A world where they feel comfortable in their own bodies because people are not making snide remarks about them.
There is no preference for a certain body type in that world so young girls will not have distorted views on body image. The fashion world continually launches new trends and stirs established conventions. It has the authority to make this dream world a reality.

“Never Say Never” Flick Review

Paramount Films came out with their Justin Bieber documentary flick branded, “Never Say Never” into theaters this weekend. I watched it, and thought it was pretty interesting because it presented a more in-depth, “behind the scenes,” look at the star’s rise to popularity, and how he preserves his continual success.

It features, of course, Justin Bieber, however it also displayed appearances from Miley Cyrus, his mentor Usher, Jayden Smith, Boys II Men, Sean Kingston, and rapper Ludacris. The flick revolved around, and showed scenes from Justin’s past, in conjunction with video clips of his concert tours.

It also showed exactly how much work this young 16 year old has put into his career over an incredibly little period of time.

I mainly liked when they featured scenes of him performing at talent shows before he became well known. It showed the large range of songs and genres that he can truly sing. It also featured video clips of him going back to his hometown after he got popular, and still hung out with his same exact friends like any normal teenager.

The movie was notably interesting when it presented how he was located on YouTube. He and his mother would put online videos of him singing up on YouTube, and they would get a ton of hits. His current manager Scooter Braun found him on there, and got him talking to some people in the music world. Next thing you know, he was singing for R&B star Usher.

The movie showed how Justin got declined by a lot of labels before he was able to get signed. It wasn’t until he sung for Usher and won him over, that things started to get positive. From that point, Usher introduced him to producer LA Reid and he amazed him.

Then it showed video footage of how Justin had to wait around for a while before he could start cutting his very first record. When he finally made songs for the CD, he would go around to each and every radio station in the united states to sing for them.

He impressed them, and the moment his level of popularity started to rise from all the promotion, they began to play his songs more regularly.

It showed footage of all the events he performs night after night, which eventually adds up to hundreds of shows. He eventually had to take a rest and cancel a number of concerts because he wore out his voice. It displayed him performing different concert events with Boys II Men, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris, Sean Kingsten, and Jayden Smith.

I like how the documentary closed out with Justin selling out his “Madison Square Garden” live performance in 22 minutes. It featured his huge performance, and little Jayden Smith joined in with a rap. Then Justin closed it out, performing his hit song named “Baby.”

I liked the flick. It delivered what I thought it would, which was an incredible, inside look at Justin before he go huge, and a lot of “behind the scenes” footage clips of his concert and private life. Those kinds of documentaries are quite often pretty interesting for me, especially when it’s a huge superstar.

It kind of reminded me of those “E! True Hollywood Story” shows, accept Justin’s probably one of the youngest stars. I gave the movie a solid A rating.

Getting White Teeth Using Baking Soda and Peroxide

Have you ever noticed celebrities white teeth? It seems like they all have a shared secret when it comes to teeth whitening. Every billboard and magazine cover revels their clean bright smiles. Of course their teeth didn’t always look this way. Most stars get their white teeth from veneers.

But getting porcelain coating that covers your teeth may not be the best option for you. They are usually installed by a dental professional and cost thousands of dollars. People like you and I are probably looking for a more affordable alternative.

This is where I really need to caution you. There are many options out there for getting white teeth, and not all of them fabiosa.com are a wise decision.

You’ve probably heard of bleaching your teeth with baking soda and peroxide. Sounds good right? Natural, organic, must be this is what you’ve heard or thought you better think again.

This is NOT a recommended method for whitening your teeth. Many people have tried this method and failed miserably. When you brush your teeth with this odd toothpaste the peroxide/baking combination soda actually damages your mouth. Not only will it have a bleaching effect on your gums, it will also kill the white blood cells your gums need to heal!

It Gets Worse.

Imagine doing this mouth damaging routine for an entire month. You’d expect some results for your painful efforts right? Wrong. Brushing with this AWFUL tasting paste for a month may not do a thing for you. I know first hand. Combine all that with the fact that the backing soda wears the enamel off of your teeth and you’ve got some pretty solid reasons to try something else.

For less then the cost of this awful tasting, mouth damaging home remedy you could simply try an over the counter whitening product. These are developed to get results, are safe to use, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. In fact there are tons of free trials available online.

Dealing With Celebrity Influence in Your Teenager

The teenage years are the most challenging for any parent. It is that phase in your child’s life when they are forging their own identities and would want you to be around less often. Yet, they are still quite dependent on you for most of their basic needs. The teenage phase is a stage of confusion characterized by many moments of low self-awareness. It is for this reason why you see so many adolescents turn to a certain identity or icon that becomes the guiding star in the formation of their personas.

In most cases, teenagers look up to celebrities, follow their fashion and behaviour patterns and can get under the complete influence of one. The last would mean an onset of some problems in your teenager, so it is best for a parent to know which areas of your teenager’s world are most vulnerable.

Teenagers tend to mimic celebrity fashion and will move heaven and earth to imitate their idols by wearing the same type of clothes, make-up, bags and accessories. They lean towards the same activities these celebrities engage in, which oftentimes get too costly. The craze to be like their idols can lead them to demand a higher allowance from you. Some teenagers would result to stealing, taking out loans, selling stuff from the house, and in worst cases, even prostitution.

Teenagers also have the tendency to imitate the figures of their favourite celebrities. This usually leads to excessive dieting and exercise, which can get unhealthy for your teenager. Behavior is also another area where teenagers take on the personalities of their fabiosa.com celebrities. Oftentimes, they mimic language and conversation styles, which can get really obnoxious. No matter how bad it gets, our teenagers think it’s simply cool and hip. These usually lead to more serious problems such as substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies and teenage rebellion.

Celebrities are expected to behave responsibly since they have a huge fan following. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. As a parent, you need to remind and exercise a bit of control over your teenager when he or she begins to exhibit signs of excessive celebrity influence. Sometimes, they can get so immersed in their fantasy world that you will need to shock them back to reality.

Giving the Right Look to Your PC

Your wallpaper matters!

While wallpapers were originally used for the walls; as the name suggests, by people to fabiosa.com embellish their walls and make them look attractive; the term has been used since a lot of time in the context of pictures used for display on the screen. Wallpapers are not only a mere tool for some customization; and they not only make your desktop look different, give a stylish look or suit your personality; they can go a long way in affecting your mood.

Imagine opening up your laptop or switching on your desktop to some bland wallpaper, with a blue or white screen, or something written in normal font; wouldn’t it be boring? This is why there are millions of wallpapers over the net; quotes, animals, movie starts, Hollywood stars, etc.

Once you create the right kind of virtual environment, you will feel that you can work better; your desktop could keep you motivated or refresh you now and then.

Understanding Resolution

Wallpapers for your computer come in different qualities, different formats and resolutions. A vital concept to understand while choosing the perfect wallpaper would be resolution. Sometimes you might download wallpaper which is of poor resolution: meaning that when you set it as your desktop background, you can see coarse pixels (small squares) and a visible loss of quality; it doesn’t look the same way when it is in its original size. Larger screens typically require wallpaper with better or higher resolutions; although how the wallpaper looks also depends greatly upon the resolution of your screen.

Wallpaper Downloads

Even though other wall-papers are quite famous too; the most popular ones, quite clearly, are the Hollywood wallpapers which always emerge out as clear favourites. Hollywood celebrities make for stunning wallpapers; quite understandably! Consider having an Angelina Jolie or a Brad Pitt on your screen, it adds to the chic look.

Your PC might not have come with a lot of pre-saved wallpapers in it. Usually, you might find wallpapers which are related to the manufacturing company of your PC, and a few wallpapers based on Windows, in case you have got a Windows operating system. This is why wallpapers are one of the most downloaded files from the internet. With a huge variety of wallpapers available for free of charge all over the net, with countless sites especially dedicated to wallpapers, wallpaper downloads are one of the most popular things.

So if you’re looking to start the perfect makeover strategy for your PC; start by changing the wallpaper. Surf and browse through the plethora of wallpapers available, from Hollywood Stars to simple natural scenery, and download a few that you like. Choose the best and set it as you screen background!

The Power of Celebrity

Our celebrity culture is incredibly pervasive.
The media is dominated by coverage featuring celebrities and their controversial lives. They’re already some of the highest paid people in the world, so why would it make sense to send your product or service to a celebrity – for free? The answer is simple, really. Get your product or service used by a celebrity – and therefore create the perception of an endorsement – by someone famous, and you’re in big business.

How big, you ask?

Well, even very famous people eat, drink, travel, go shopping and generally behave like normal consumers, albeit ones with much greater spending power and the ability to influence the buying decisions of others simply by what they choose to buy for themselves. This aspirational effect, whereby people seek to emulate their favorite celebrities, presents a golden opportunity for brands.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are photographed vacationing at the St.

Regis Bora Bora within days of each other and the resort is booked for months afterwards. Gwyneth Paltrow wears her favorite pair of Blue Cult jeans with front pockets and it sells out of every store from NYC to LA, causing retailers and buyers to name the style “The Gwyneth.” Jennifer fabiosa.com Aniston cuts her hair while starring in the television sitcom “Friends” and thousands of women run to their hairstylists with tearsheets from magazines, requesting “The Rachel” cut.

In fact, some of the biggest brands with the biggest budgets already understand the power of celebrity. Penelope Cruz and Cindy Crawford sell lipstick for Revlon, Ellen Degeneres sells membership to American Express, Kate Walsh sells Cadillacs, and Tiger Woods used to sell numerous brand names before the public became privy to his salacious affairs.

Having a celebrity associated with your product or service provides two very important things to your brand: aspiration and credibility. Many people aspire to “live like a celebrity” and pour over publications such as People and USWeekly that provide them with countless bits of information about what celebrities are wearing, what products they are using, where they are traveling, eating, shopping etc. This makes it very easy for the general public to mimic the lives of celebrities – and patronize the very same brands that celebrities are using.

There also seems to be a universal belief that “if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are using this product, then it must be good.” The cache and credibility of having the “right” celebrities associated with your brand is priceless.

Here are the main credibility enhancers of having a celebrity associated with your brand and how it can take your business to the next level:

An A-list star wearing or using your product or service gives your brand immediate credibility in the eyes of the consumer and can immediately stimulate sales

A celebrity name associated with your brand earns the respect of the media and almost always guarantees media coverage

Retail stores and buyers are much more likely to sit up and take notice and take you more seriously when you have a celebrity clientele

From a style and design standpoint, celebrities give trends (and the products and services they use) validation.

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, celebrities grab attention-getting headlines more than anything else

The bottom line: celebrities sell. When a star wears it, uses it or promotes it, the world follows. Nothing creates more excitement and desire than the aspirational lives that celebrities lead. If a fan can wear exactly the same dress that Halle Berry wore, eat at the restaurant that she frequents, take a yoga class at the same studio or use the same color lipstick, then she is able to recreate a little bit of that perceived glamour and inspiration for herself.

In today’s cluttered and competitive marketplace, a perceived celebrity endorsement can give your product or service the instant recognition and legitimacy that would normally take years to earn. From a marketing perspective, it remains one of the best ways to build name recognition, get publicity and skyrocket sales.

© Liz Dennery Sanders 2010

Children of Famous Parents and Their Story

This is article is a tribute to the children of this fabiosa.com famous parents who braved to pursue their passion even if it meant forever lurking in the shadows of their parents:

James McCartney

James rebelled against the success of his father so hard that he even went to the extent of working as a waiter just to make ends meet and not rely on his father’s money. He needed to do that just to prove to himself and the world that he is just like everyone else who is trying to find his way to the world. Somehow and oddly enough, the world started respecting him as a person. Now, on his 30s, he has finally surrendered to his love for music and is quietly launching his own musical career.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is probably aware that her father is perhaps one of the coolest personalities in rock and roll. No matter what they say, the name he made for himself is pretty awesome. The good thing about Kelly is that she doesn’t really care about the pressure. She has developed a shield against the world so strong she has never withered. This attitude is something she god from her parents too. She continues to try and establish her own musical career and is simply having fun doing it. Never mind the haters, they can’t do it any better than she does anyway.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea’s father is perhaps one of the good ones America had as a president. Her mother has proven to be a strong willed woman who didn’t need any man’s approval. So far, she doesn’t appear to strive to be more than her parents but has settled into her own niche world. This works just fine too. Although it is too early to say whether or not she will become the next president, it certainly works for anyone to live a quiet life.

Kate Hudson

Hers is a story of triumph. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, was and is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Kate took all that came with it gladly and used it as a stepping stone to launch her own career. What really mattered is that she had talent to back it up. Her mother started things for her but she knew that if she didn’t work for it, she wouldn’t have the power to keep it going.

Cameron Douglas

He was unfortunate or fortunate enough to not just be the son of an Oscar Award winning actor, he is also the grandson of an actor with the same caliber. Talk about pressure! He grew up with everything he had and didn’t need to work for anything and then he grew up realizing he had nothing to gain. He had everything people work their entire life achieving.

Yes, Accessorize!

You have found your dream prom dress, now what? Now it is time to coordinate what is arguably the most important step of your prom ensemble- The accessories! Fabulous prom dress shops that carry everything from the dresses and accessories to undergarment accessories are ideal for one-stop shopping. Accessorizing your perfect dress with hair, makeup, shoes and accessories is the last step, and arguably the most exciting one!

Let the fun begin! One of the most thrilling parts of putting together an ensemble is hair. One basic rule of matching hair to a dress is an up-do for fabiosa.com halter and one-shoulder necklines and hair down for strapless and spaghetti strap. Up-do’s are generally expected for dresses that include the neck in the design, like halter and one-shoulder necklines, simply because having the hair down can muddle the design and crowd the neck space. The right up-do for you and your dress can vary greatly. You might want a glamorous up-do with all of your hair up, a glamorized ponytail, or half-up half down. If you have a detailed or a revealing, open back, your might want to choose to have a complete up-do to put that on display.
Two exceptions for this rule is if you have short hair or if you will wear your hair sleek, straight, and pulled straight down your back. All down hairstyles have been all-the-rage for the past few years. The beautiful famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry are all sporting fabulous long-do’s.
Pretty much any dress is deemed appropriate for wearing your hair styled down. The main deciding factor is personality. Girls with more of a classic, sophisticated, and or polished style and personality might prefer an standard up-do, while girls with more of a fun, trendy, and or free-spirited style and personality might prefer to wear the hair down. An ideal middle ground between an up-do and down style, is the half-up half-down style. There are many variations of the half-up half-down hairstyle, some with more hair up, as well as more hair down.

The element of your prom ensemble that is probably the most heavily reliant upon trends is makeup. Current trends recommend a focus on one key facial feature. Bold eyes are one trend where the eyes are the focal feature while keeping the face and lips neutral and simple. While the smokey eye continues to carry heavy influence in trends, another version of a classic bold eye is to do dark, bold lashes and a simple eye lid. More daring personalities might even prefer a bold color palette on their eyelids as another version of the bold eye. Another trend is to focus on the lip. A bold red lip is all-the-rage as well as classic and widely flattering on everyone. While the red can vary to pinks, or other shades, the rest of the face generally stays understated and neutral. One other focal feature is to have a strong eyebrow. The strong brow can be paired with a neutral lip, preferably with a gloss, and a eyes with bold lashes. It is always fun and exciting to get all-dolled up but it is important to let your natural beauty shine through!

Shoes are about as reliant upon your personality as they are your comfort level. With shoes, it can be easiest to take a cue from the dress. For example, if the dress is sexy, exotic, and has cutouts, it would be fitting to pair it with strappy sandals. If the dress is of a classic cut and color, it would be fitting to get a pump, either a peep-toe, close-toe, or a pump with a heel strap, or any combination of those options. High heels can be super sexy, and super painful. If you are not used to wearing high heels, it might be better to choose a shoe with a lower heel and with a lot of support at the heel and toes. Another step in accessorizing which takes a strong cue from the dress is jewelry. If the dress is heavily embellished then minimal jewelry is recommended. For a strapless sweetheart neckline dress, a drop necklace and simple earring works for an up-do. With no necklace, that same dress might call for long chandelier earrings with the hair either up or down. Bracelets and other assorted jewelry are based on personal preference. With accessories, you generally want to sparkle at every level of your body, take a cue from your dress, but remember: It’s all about what you really want!

Online College Success Stories

People love hearing success stories of things that they are thinking about participating in. For those of you who are thinking about taking online college courses, I would personally like to share my own success story with these types of courses as I just graduated recently.
I was enrolled in the Technical Sales program at a nearby university. The program was unique in that all the required classes for the major could be taken on the internet.
Since I worked two jobs and had a family, this was really the solution for me to be able to get through school as I didn’t have the time to go to sit down classes.

My biggest worry when registering for these classes was that I would not have a professor there to help me in case I had a question. Well I soon came to realize that online course has a very different style than a traditional sit down class. Online classes are made to help you teach yourself the methods and techniques that the professor fabiosa.com wants you to learn. Every online course I took had additional notes and resources that were provided by the professor to ensure that you could learn the material the way the professor wanted you to. I ended up really enjoying this format as I am a self motivated person that likes to accomplish things on my own. I enjoyed online classes much more than the sit down classes because I felt that I could move at a faster pace and I felt that these types of classes had less homework than the traditional classroom setting.

I completed the required major courses this spring and just graduated with a Bachelors degree. Taking these types of online classes made me feel good about myself and also gave me confidence in my abilities of teaching myself new things. Through these courses I received an excellent education that will last my whole life!

The Social Media Snob and His Weapon: The Nofollow Tag

In our society, a snob uses his or her social, financial or educational status to be dismissive of others whom they perceive as inferior to them. Often, a snob will come across as an elitist or as a condescending expert to diminish another person’s value, contributions and good social standing. To further illustrate this point, think of the conflicting character roles played by fine actors Billy Zane and Leonardo DiCaprio in the blockbuster 1997 Academy Award-winning film “Titanic.”

Zane’s portrayal of DiCaprio’s rival; Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley is a perfect example of snob behavior. Oh and – by the way – did I mention that snobs are not very nice people?

Social Media also has its own share of elitists and snobs. On Twitter, for example, there are some users with more than 50,000 followers, who only choose to follow-back 50 or so “blue blooded” tweeps. They simply write off the others as Social Media “commoners.” They may read, but are not privileged to share. In the opinion of most Social Media snobs these “regular” people can’t possibly have anything of value to communicate with them, so there is no opportunity for interpersonal exchange afforded to them.

Social Media snobs are usually folks who have written a book or two; cut a few records; acted in a movie or television series; played a professional sport; or have gotten themselves elected to higher office. They’ve done something to earn them significant attention; making them truly think that they are exempt from the masses. They are no longer “one of us.” Later on, some examples will be offered to show that not all famous people are Social Media snobs.

Perhaps one of the most tasteless Social Media “prevent” tools used by Social Media snobs – which also include some business entities – is the nofollow tag. The nofollow link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) was originally created to block search engines from following links in blog comments, due to the amount of blog comment spamming.

On January 18th 2005, those visiting the Google Blog saw a very public and high profile announcement about the no follow tag Official Google Blog: Preventing comment spam

Preventing comment spam

1/18/2005 04:28:00 PM

“If you’re a blogger (or a blog reader), you’re painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites’ search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like “Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site.” This is called comment spam, we don’t like it either, and we’ve been testing a new tag that blocks it. From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. This isn’t a negative vote for the site where the comment was posted; it’s just a way to make sure that spammers get no benefit from abusing public areas like blog comments, trackbacks, and referrer lists.

We hope the web software community will quickly adopt this attribute and we’re pleased that a number of blog software makers have already signed on…”

Google’s defensive action had very honorable intentions, but not everyone who comments on a blog is a spammer. Commenting on a blog post is just like adding more relevance to that blog post.

If someone takes the time to help you build your website’s (or blog’s) content via posting comments, it is professional courtesy to give them some “link love.”

Use of the nofollow tag is in many ways mean-spirited – unintentional or not. First of all, if a blogger moderates comments, there is no need for a nofollow tag – none whatsoever. “Everyone who passes through comment moderation should get the link love.” This is the most democratic and fair way to encourage and reward good comments. It is also the best way to fabiosa.com discourage and punish spammers from trying to override search engine protocols.

Here’s the reality, anyway. Adding a comment on a blog with nofollow attributes is not useless. If your comment goes onto a high traffic blog or website – even though it does not count for SEO, people might still click on your site link to check it out. As a result, you get more traffic.
That’s a good thing.

Linking to someone with a nofollow is also a sign of not trusting them. Someone once equated this to “reaching to shake someone’s hand, but stopping to put on a pair of latex gloves.” Social Media is supposed to be all about trust and welcoming, not mistrust and cold-shouldering.

Not everyone who has attained a higher level of success in an aspect of their lives aspires to be a Social Media snob; just the ones who view themselves as self-important. Pop singer Britney Spears and the rapper MC Hammer both follow back a large number of fans. Hammer has been known to personally engage his fans on Twitter.

Britney Spears and MC Hammer are accomplished performers and worthy of applause for respecting their fans even if they don’t follow-back every one of them. Yet, there are many other people with much less notoriety than these two, who consider themselves better than the people who follow and respect them.

Social Media snobs and nofollow tags really have no place in a communication medium like Social Media, which was created to encourage interpersonal engagement among all good people rather than to inhibit it in any way.
No one is too important to exclude others in Social Media and the best filtering system for what is appropriate and what may not be is not an algorithm. It is the human intellect.