Cadalo Test September 2019 – Singles in your area

Cadalo Test September 2019 - Singles in your area

Cadalo in the Test of September 2019.

Anonymous logon on Windows, Amazon, Facebook, or Gmail message send and receive is free of charge, The registration in only 2 minutes Portal for Dates, flings, relationships, search filter, unfortunately, is not detailed-day subscription Communication User, Some of the Fake-User.

Registration Process: 5,0 /5 Contact: 4,5 /5 Profile Information: 2.0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Test Report.

Cadalo promises a new Dating platform, which reliability and quality. Here are to be found according to the provider User for friendships, relationships, and Affairs. However, what is the probability that you helps the 2019 based side is to get to know someone? The first successes of Cadalo there are in any case already to – to 35,000 members have already benefited from the Service of this portal and convince. However, how communicative the Users are here, and you can enter free of charge into contact? What are the functions you can use after the conclusion of a Premium membership? Everything you should know about the Portal Cadalo find out here. We have answered in a detailed Test of all the questions and tell whether an application is worth it.

Anyone who is registered here?

The Users are mostly in the age classes 25 to 40 active Germany over 35,000 Users are logged in far, women start conversations with Some of the Fake-User for the presence of The User open to anything.

Cadalo with over 35,000 users in Germany, there is a large selection of Singles. To be able to use the platform, you must be at least 18 years of age – the youth protection reasons. The majority of the Users use the Portal, are between 25 and 40 years old. Under 25 is almost no User can be found. It is striking that especially older women to young men. In these cases, it often takes the form of sexual encounters. Most of the Users are here but open to anything. Some are explicitly looking for friendships, while others are looking for Sex or partnerships. Since no verification of the E-Mail address, or the profile is necessary and this is not checked by Support, unfortunately, are also some Fake Users present. You can, however, report and block. Both female as well as male members are on Cadalo very communicative and starting conversations.

The registration process.

Logging in via Facebook, Windows, Gmail, and Amazon possible The sign up process takes only 2 minutes to profile information does not have to be directly filled in A verification of the E-Mail address, or the profile is not necessary After the registration you will have access to all the Features and see User suggestions on the home page.

Cadalo Test September 2019 - Singles in your area

Log on to Cadalo is very easy and varied as possible. In addition to the usual methods, via your E-Mail address or your Facebook Account, you can login here with your Windows or Amazon account. The whole process takes only 2 minutes and is anonymous. Except for your first name and the date of birth you have to make here is no information. The indication of the place of residence is voluntary and can be changed at any time. After the registration you can use the site fully. On the home page, you can find User-suggestions, whose profile you can visit. Your E-Mail address you need to verify to be able to Cadalo use. The information about your Person, which you can fill out on your profile, are voluntary and can be changed at any time. A photo is not mandatory, but increases your Dating chances tremendously!


The contact and the exchange of messages is free of charge On “Hot or not” User like and Matches the search filter members to fit the you Block find of unwelcome users, and You can contact any User .

The contact is on the platform Cadalo completely free of charge. You can start both conversations, as well as reply to messages. As a Premium member you can also see which messages were already read. Do you want Users to find that fit you, you can make use of the search filter. Here you can set parameters and get the results that fit this. Also, based on the photos you can User find. For this purpose, you can use the Feature “Hot or Not” and with one click, decide whether you find the User attractive or not. And it responds with “Yes”, it will display a Match. This function is very useful to find new Users. In addition, you can evaluate the user photos with stars. You want to take a member no more contact, or that this member doesn’t contact to you, you can make use of the Block function to use. Neither you nor the blocked User cannot contact or the Cadalo profile for others to see.

Profile information.

The profile information is not meaningful to Only a few Users have all of the information completed Almost every User has multiple images uploaded You can have private galleries you create, the photos only with selected users to share The information for you, you can fill in and change.

The User Profiles that you can find on Cadalo, unfortunately, are not very detailed. In addition, only a few Users fill out this completely. You want to know more about individual persons, is the exchange of messages necessary. It is handy that you fill out the profile information, at any time, or change can. You can specify on your profile what and who you’re looking for. On the basis of this information, the proposals, which you can find on the home page are determined. You can create your profile public and private picture galleries. The private galleries are only for the User to whom you allow access to it, visible. Public galleries can see everyone. It may be that your profile picture is public on the home page of the application visible. There, new User of Cadalo be displayed.

A Cadalo App is currently not available.

Practice test.

Cadalo is a great site to flirt for free online and exchanging messages. The Portal is easy to use and has all the important Features, which are to Meet the need. You search filter, Matching, and the messages can use the function without extra charge. The selection of users in the age classes from 25 to 40 is very big and also the members are very communicative. Cadalo is a pleasant site to free Singles meet.

Cadalo is clearly established. Features are clearly labeled and easy to reach by the click of a mouse. The load time of the page link is a good Internet for a very short. About the settings, you have the opportunity to coordinate the notifications that you receive by E-Mail. You can set the level at which the new activity would you like to be informed and which are unimportant for you. Not practically is that the duration of the subscription will automatically renew and you get to choose how long your Premium membership should be. You’re on the go, you can only check the mobile site of your new messages. A Cadalo App is currently neither for Android nor for iOS available.

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