Dealing With Celebrity Influence in Your Teenager

The teenage years are the most challenging for any parent. It is that phase in your child’s life when they are forging their own identities and would want you to be around less often. Yet, they are still quite dependent on you for most of their basic needs. The teenage phase is a stage of confusion characterized by many moments of low self-awareness. It is for this reason why you see so many adolescents turn to a certain identity or icon that becomes the guiding star in the formation of their personas.

In most cases, teenagers look up to celebrities, follow their fashion and behaviour patterns and can get under the complete influence of one. The last would mean an onset of some problems in your teenager, so it is best for a parent to know which areas of your teenager’s world are most vulnerable.

Teenagers tend to mimic celebrity fashion and will move heaven and earth to imitate their idols by wearing the same type of clothes, make-up, bags and accessories. They lean towards the same activities these celebrities engage in, which oftentimes get too costly. The craze to be like their idols can lead them to demand a higher allowance from you. Some teenagers would result to stealing, taking out loans, selling stuff from the house, and in worst cases, even prostitution.

Teenagers also have the tendency to imitate the figures of their favourite celebrities. This usually leads to excessive dieting and exercise, which can get unhealthy for your teenager. Behavior is also another area where teenagers take on the personalities of their celebrities. Oftentimes, they mimic language and conversation styles, which can get really obnoxious. No matter how bad it gets, our teenagers think it’s simply cool and hip. These usually lead to more serious problems such as substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies and teenage rebellion.

Celebrities are expected to behave responsibly since they have a huge fan following. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. As a parent, you need to remind and exercise a bit of control over your teenager when he or she begins to exhibit signs of excessive celebrity influence. Sometimes, they can get so immersed in their fantasy world that you will need to shock them back to reality.

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