Jumping Dinner Test 2019 – love goes through the stomach

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Jumping Dinner in the Test.

Jumping Dinner is a creative learning know-the idea is to get to know allowing interested Singles to the common cooking and eating better and to meet interesting new people. Our male Tester (25) was there live to find out if love really goes through the stomach. His experiences here are:

Practice test.

A Jumping Dinner in the evening is as follows: There is a total of approx. seven cooking couples cook together a course (either Appetizer, main dish or Dessert). In each of the three gears, the couple has prepared the response receives two other couples at home. In the course of the Evening, each couple is host (for the speed it has been prepared) and twice a guest (in the case of the other two courses). At the end of the Evening, there is a large final meeting with all participants in a Bar.

The Chef Partner.

I had to cook for my Test for is specified with a woman, and that I have no own apartment for cooking available. A few days before the event, I got the contact details of my cooking partner by E-Mail and learned that we should cook the Appetizer. We talked on the phone and arranged the tomatoes with the Mozzarella and Bruschetta to prepare. On the phone, my cooking partner made a sympathetic impression, and I was curious what would await me at the Jumping-Dinner evening .

The Appetizer.

On the day of the event I drove to the agreed address on the outskirts of Munich, and was kindly received by my cooking partner, Gaby, a 30-year-old computer scientist,. She wasn’t visually my type, but very nice and cordial. We prepare started the Appetizer and soon our guests were standing in front of the door. We had two young men and two women to visit. All were approx. early to mid-30’s and very polite. The two women had signed up together with Jumping Dinner, and only on the day of the event know that you would have for “their” second gear, more guests than expected because one of the participants was surprisingly backed out. As it turned out, the two young women and one of the men happen to be in the same Uni studying law, which led, unfortunately, to have had that conversation at the table very law-heavy .

The Main Dish.

After our guests had gone, went there for Gaby and me to the next Jumping, Dinner-apartment. This was significantly more in the center of the world city with a heart. In a beautiful old apartment, we were greeted by our hosts, a Couple from a judge and a computer scientist at the beginning of 40,. The guests were this time, except for us, two very pretty law student inner end 20. Our hosts had laid down while eating powerful and served the salmon with stuffed Zucchini halves. The conversation was quite pleasant on a variety of topics from travel experiences to the world Cup football.

The Dessert.

After this step, it went along with our hosts in the third apartment for Dessert. Our hosts in the in red tones decorated apartment this time was a Pair, consisting of a Yoga teacher and a musician at the beginning of 40. The two of them welcomed due to the already mentioned failure of a host of six instead of the usual four guests. I was the chick of the group, but due to the cheerful, open atmosphere that bothered no one. For Dessert, our hosts served several Mousse au Chocolat-variants. Here began for the first Time on the horizon, a cooking couple, probably a bit closer to came. In the dim light of the Yoga apartment of about 43-year-old computer scientist, Uwe and the 37-year-old attorney Sylvia were already very familiar on the Couch. For all bystanders, it was clear that it had the two “sparks” .

The Final Meeting.

After Dessert we all moved on together in the Bar should be held in Munich’s student district in the final meeting of all the cooking teams. Unfortunately, Jumping had reserved Dinner there for us and so we had to find our own place, which was, given the size of our group very easy. After all, there was a glass of Prosecco for free. I chatted more with the judge and briefly with one other Participant that I had previously not seen. Unfortunately, the age difference detracted a bit of my flirting opportunities. A part of the group moved after a while, even more in a Bar in the vicinity of the University. Now a little more of the from the beginning, ruling men deficiency made itself felt. In the last Bar approx. three men and seven women were present, which meant that the women were in groups and mainly among themselves felt. I talked a little with my cooking partner, confessed to me that her friend had given her the Jumping Dinner out of fear that they could stay on the Dating market, “left”. Finally, I went with Gaby and two other participants to the U-Bahn and Gaby and I said goodbye with a hug.

The verdict of our Testers.

The Jumping Dinner was overall a pretty cool Event, and it worked, with only minor weaknesses in the organization really well. The guests were all educated and cultured people, and about 30 to 45 years old. Positive, it struck me as a man of the very high proportion of women. The flirt factor was all right, but, unfortunately, the groups were torn by the organizing principle of always apart if you had used something better together. This made it a little difficult at the talks on the superficial Small Talk learning to know – get out. After all, a couple seems to be at least in the course of the Evening a little closer. Overall, I would recommend Jumping Dinner due to the high quota of women, especially men in their early 30’s who are looking for a educated and open-minded partner.“

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