“Never Say Never” Flick Review

Paramount Films came out with their Justin Bieber documentary flick branded, “Never Say Never” into theaters this weekend. I watched it, and thought it was pretty interesting because it presented a more in-depth, “behind the scenes,” look at the star’s rise to popularity, and how he preserves his continual success.

It features, of course, Justin Bieber, however it also displayed appearances from Miley Cyrus, his mentor Usher, Jayden Smith, Boys II Men, Sean Kingston, and rapper Ludacris. The flick revolved around, and showed scenes from Justin’s past, in conjunction with video clips of his concert tours.

It also showed exactly how much work this young 16 year old has put into his career over an incredibly little period of time.

I mainly liked when they featured scenes of him performing at talent shows before he became well known. It showed the large range of songs and genres that he can truly sing. It also featured video clips of him going back to his hometown after he got popular, and still hung out with his same exact friends like any normal teenager.

The movie was notably interesting when it presented how he was located on YouTube. He and his mother would put online videos of him singing up on YouTube, and they would get a ton of hits. His current manager Scooter Braun found him on there, and got him talking to some people in the music world. Next thing you know, he was singing for R&B star Usher.

The movie showed how Justin got declined by a lot of labels before he was able to get signed. It wasn’t until he sung for Usher and won him over, that things started to get positive. From that point, Usher introduced him to producer LA Reid and he amazed him.

Then it showed video footage of how Justin had to wait around for a while before he could start cutting his very first record. When he finally made songs for the CD, he would go around to each and every radio station in the united states to sing for them.

He impressed them, and the moment his level of popularity started to rise from all the promotion, they began to play his songs more regularly.

It showed footage of all the events he performs night after night, which eventually adds up to hundreds of shows. He eventually had to take a rest and cancel a number of concerts because he wore out his voice. It displayed him performing different concert events with Boys II Men, Miley Cyrus, Ludacris, Sean Kingsten, and Jayden Smith.

I like how the documentary closed out with Justin selling out his “Madison Square Garden” live performance in 22 minutes. It featured his huge performance, and little Jayden Smith joined in with a rap. Then Justin closed it out, performing his hit song named “Baby.”

I liked the flick. It delivered what I thought it would, which was an incredible, inside look at Justin before he go huge, and a lot of “behind the scenes” footage clips of his concert and private life. Those kinds of documentaries are quite often pretty interesting for me, especially when it’s a huge superstar.

It kind of reminded me of those “E! True Hollywood Story” shows, accept Justin’s probably one of the youngest stars. I gave the movie a solid A rating.

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