Parwise in the Test of September 2019 – rip-off or real Dates

Parwise in the Test of September 2019 - rip-off or real Dates
Parwise in the Test of September 2019 - rip-off or real Dates

Parwise in the Test of September 2019 - rip-off or real Dates

Parwise in the Test.

Parwise was founded in 2012 and has since then, even the big Dating portals tremble. Advertising was quick to ensure that Parwise was able to crack the first Million on the members of the scale. Today, the Numbers, however, are somewhat in decline, because hardly any advertising for the site will be switched. Once the Portal was also criticized violently, but more in the FAQ.

The principle of Parwise works, this is a targeted effort to bring people together, to each other on a wavelength. Harmonious relationships are usually where interests are shared .

The makers of Parwise place a high value on a reliable platform without the Fakes, so every new member is checked. Without the personality questionnaire is not a new member comes into the System. Also, the value is placed on that users can upload a photo or a whole gallery. There is no photo is not compulsory, although, of note, it is a persistent again and again .

Members of the structure.

18 million users in Europe, approximately 1.600.000 in Germany. Target group men and women with an interest in a partnership Matching is done on the basis of the personality tests fake profiles are almost impossible to make a high-tech Website with many Features, unfortunately, no App available.

In the case of Parwise the gender balanced ratio is very. With a share of 51 percent of the female members dominate easily. The age focus is between 35 and 55 years of age, only a few members are under 30. Beyond the 60 years, the number of members is dwindling also, seniors are the Best-Ager-portals promising.

The registration process.

Personality test in the course of the application, instead of personality analysis is found in the profile display profile is in five sections gallery is divided with ten photos in a very a lot of free-text options.

The profile begins immediately after logging in to Parwise. To enter at all into the System, it is necessary to fill out the personality test. This is divided into several pages, and includes important questions for your own Person.

In part, questions are asked, the partial images are shown, where the right answer has to be selected. The following questions appear, for example, in the personality:

Which vacation would you choose? (As an answer option for several holiday types in the images form will be displayed.) How do you behave at a Party where you know nobody? The importance of a classic the image of you in the relationship?

As a result, the personality is created in analysis, which is divided into eight sections. The following categories are rated:

Emotional Need For Harmony Activity, Empathy, Openness, Conscientiousness, Dominance, Sociability.

The results are illustrated with a bar chart, on the other hand, in writing. Profile visit on the basis of their own statements made a Summary of the profile in the visit and to be informed of how the Matches are.

After completing the personality tests, the profile can be completed. In the profile information for the Person such as body size, figure, and Smoking/drinking behavior. In the section “about me” can be answered a number of questions by free text. Interesting questions are:

Friends often say about me: A little quirk of mine: At the heart of me:

The profile is very user-friendly and fun. The photos will be immediately uploaded and can be used as a profile picture. On the basis of a bar chart is displayed, how far is the progress of the profile is already .

As soon as the personality test which is free of charge, was completed, the new member of the first partners of the proposals. Photos are not on the profiles, however, can be seen, these have to be unlocked with a Premium Membership.

Profile information.

Profiles are very comprehensive and informative profile photos of other people via photo query visible to the individual personality in comparison to other profile as a Premium member, direct photo access well-filled out Profiles, particularly of female members.

Each user can create his profile an individual business card. There are many ways of the own personality and to leave others a good impression. The free texts in the area of “about me” here, almost on the main.

The profile visit, the photos are only displayed pixelated. It is possible to send a photo request and ask for pictures sharing. The images request all of the photos can be viewed and confirmed directly. For Premium members only pictures are released directly .

On the profile of a Person is not, unfortunately, to recognize whether this is online or not. Also when the last Login took place is not apparent. A message must therefore be written into the blue, in the hope that it is an active profile .

Parwise respects, however, to keep the databases up to date. Anyone who does not log in for longer than six months must expect that his profile is deleted from the database. An exception to Premium Accounts represent .

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