Children of Famous Parents and Their Story

This is article is a tribute to the children of this famous parents who braved to pursue their passion even if it meant forever lurking in the shadows of their parents:

James McCartney

James rebelled against the success of his father so hard that he even went to the extent of working as a waiter just to make ends meet and not rely on his father’s money. He needed to do that just to prove to himself and the world that he is just like everyone else who is trying to find his way to the world. Somehow and oddly enough, the world started respecting him as a person. Now, on his 30s, he has finally surrendered to his love for music and is quietly launching his own musical career.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is probably aware that her father is perhaps one of the coolest personalities in rock and roll. No matter what they say, the name he made for himself is pretty awesome. The good thing about Kelly is that she doesn’t really care about the pressure. She has developed a shield against the world so strong she has never withered. This attitude is something she god from her parents too. She continues to try and establish her own musical career and is simply having fun doing it. Never mind the haters, they can’t do it any better than she does anyway.

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea’s father is perhaps one of the good ones America had as a president. Her mother has proven to be a strong willed woman who didn’t need any man’s approval. So far, she doesn’t appear to strive to be more than her parents but has settled into her own niche world. This works just fine too. Although it is too early to say whether or not she will become the next president, it certainly works for anyone to live a quiet life.

Kate Hudson

Hers is a story of triumph. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, was and is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Kate took all that came with it gladly and used it as a stepping stone to launch her own career. What really mattered is that she had talent to back it up. Her mother started things for her but she knew that if she didn’t work for it, she wouldn’t have the power to keep it going.

Cameron Douglas

He was unfortunate or fortunate enough to not just be the son of an Oscar Award winning actor, he is also the grandson of an actor with the same caliber. Talk about pressure! He grew up with everything he had and didn’t need to work for anything and then he grew up realizing he had nothing to gain. He had everything people work their entire life achieving.