Online College Success Stories

People love hearing success stories of things that they are thinking about participating in. For those of you who are thinking about taking online college courses, I would personally like to share my own success story with these types of courses as I just graduated recently.
I was enrolled in the Technical Sales program at a nearby university. The program was unique in that all the required classes for the major could be taken on the internet.
Since I worked two jobs and had a family, this was really the solution for me to be able to get through school as I didn’t have the time to go to sit down classes.

My biggest worry when registering for these classes was that I would not have a professor there to help me in case I had a question. Well I soon came to realize that online course has a very different style than a traditional sit down class. Online classes are made to help you teach yourself the methods and techniques that the professor wants you to learn. Every online course I took had additional notes and resources that were provided by the professor to ensure that you could learn the material the way the professor wanted you to. I ended up really enjoying this format as I am a self motivated person that likes to accomplish things on my own. I enjoyed online classes much more than the sit down classes because I felt that I could move at a faster pace and I felt that these types of classes had less homework than the traditional classroom setting.

I completed the required major courses this spring and just graduated with a Bachelors degree. Taking these types of online classes made me feel good about myself and also gave me confidence in my abilities of teaching myself new things. Through these courses I received an excellent education that will last my whole life!